Patches and Updates Our techs are on the mailing lists for all the software we use. Within 15 minutes of a security advisory servers are being patched.


Hardware Upgrades If a hardware problem arises with your server the part is replaced at our cost.


24/7 Monitoring All servers are checked for ping and httpd by default. We can also monitor disk space and ftp by request.


Manual Rebooting There is always a live person within a few feet of your server to reboot it if it goes down.


MRTG Monitoring MRTG graphs are glanced over a few times per day. If for some reason your server spikes out of nowhere we will contact you.


Detailed Stats We offer several different server stats packages to monitor
all of your traffic and it's patterns.


General Admin This includes pop3, domains, apache modules, custom kernel, binary installation and much more.


Web Based E-mail We offer a few different web based e-mail options.


Control Panels We offer the Award winning Direct Admin control Panel.
Control and manage your own server just like the pros.
Pricing Based Upon
Specific Hosting Plan


Moving Data We will move your data to us and make sure all your domains are working before you change DNS.


Set Up Account set up for virtual and dedicated servers.


Data Backup We can back up your hard drive onto our giant RAID system, daily, weekly or monthly.  All Virtual servers are backed up FREE  Pricing Based Upon
Specific Hosting Plan


Load Balancing Load balancing, clustering round robin dns and all other
solutions to create the most robust network for you're needs.
Pricing Based Upon
Specific Hosting Plan


Third Party Scripts If you are  having a problem getting your third party script working or installed, we can fix it or install it. If we can not fix it or install it successfully there is no charge. 

Remote Power Mgmt All servers on our network are connected to APC remote power management control units.  All servers are monitored 24/7 to
ensure that all power is distributed properly and no circuits are ever overloaded.

24/7 Support We have a complete staff on duty for all support.  This includes
not only tech support but all customer, billing, sales etc...All our support is available 24/7 365 days a year with no exceptions.